My Mother in Law is a crackhead!! Need I say more!! Skipped rehab after 2 days!! Wth!!



My mother disowned me for marrying my current wife. Haven't spoke in almost 2 years now. Couldn't be happier though!



My mother in law lost her husband a year ago. She gave no time to put herself back on the market. Now she's dating my husbands best friend. He's 22 & she's 48.



my mother in law keeps encouraging my husband to divorce me even though we've been happily married for 10 years 



My mother in law is crazy. She can't talk to me w/o telling me how I need to take care of her son better.



My mom prays everyday that my husband will crash and die on his motorcycle 



We live with my inlaws and my mother in law goes into our room separate my husband's clothes from mine to wash. How embarrassing!!!


My mom has 7 personalities and will call me every morning at 10 after her baileys and coffee drunk and ask to go to lunch. Never show up to get me 



My mom and I have the same hobby, we are both great at it but can't do it together or even talk about it because she so competitive about it. 



My mother in law was horrified when she found out me and my wife drank coffee. Oh and were LDS. They didn't talk to us for 3 weeks. Nice



My mother-in-law treats my husband as if he is still 12 years old. We've been married 11 years with 3 kids and he can do no wrong in her eyes. 



my mother on law owes us over $5k in back rent. we asked her to leave in Aug she refused to leave and we are now filing eviction paperwork with the court.


My mother-in-law still blames me for my husband not going on a mission even though he couldn't go for medical reasons.


My ex mother in law tried to run over me in her car!



Soon to be Asian mother in law's response to my shorter wedding dress: "My eyes are not used to this kind of dress."



My mom sent a letter accusing my boyfriend of cheating on me and abusing me to his work