My mom thinks me and my stepdad are having an affair


My mother in law objected at my wedding.


My mother-in-law hates me because I don't cater to my husband hand and foot like she does


My mother doesn't approve of my husband and refused to wear a dress at our reception when we got married. She ran around with a t-shirt and jeans 


My husband's mom asked my husband to uninvite my father in law on our wedding day because she didn't want to be in the same place as him


Me and my step mom hate each other. She didn't come to my wedding and personally I think she killed my dad.


My mother in law accused me of getting pregnant after being married for four years to trap her son


My mother in law dislikes me so much that when I pick my son up from her house she closed her eyes as pretending I'm not there


My mother in law always tries to seduce me. So uncomfortable when we go to their house!

My mother in law accused me of getting pregnant on purpose to trap her son after being married for four years. We've now been married for 22 years


My mother-in-law was losing her house and wanted my husband and I to finance it so that she and her children that are all drug users could continue to live there


My mom inlaw called child protective services 2X b'cuz we weren't living the Temple worthy life. Still not living that way lol