a really good family friend told her husband who he should marry after she died


My wife's grandma told grandpa to marry her best friend! Wtf


My friend's mother made her husband promise that he would NEVER be with another woman...... He's now gay.


My grandpa wanted to get a stripper before he passed away. My grandma didn't like that idea.


my husband's mother requested his father marry her best friend. He did and 25 years and 8 kids later they got a divorce 


My aunt's deathbed request was that my uncle not get sealed to anyone else, but he did. His new wife made him get rid of all the pictures of his dead wife.


one my friends aunts deathbed she told her husband. That he doesn't have to hide who he is anymore. That he can go and sleep with men now


A religious family member asked for a pack of smokes and a bottle of whiskey and nobody would do it but my uncle...


on my grandfather's deathbed he made us promised we would play jukebox hero accompanied by a synchronized light show at his funeral


I grew up with a guy whose mother passed away and she told her husband to marry her sister and he did. They did not have a happy relationship. It was sad.


A guy I know had his new wife arranged by his dying wife before she passed of cancer. Wanted a mother for her kids. got married within a month or so


my mom asked that my daughter, who was born three months after she died, have her name somewhere in my daughters name


Her 'death bead' request was to order the finest Swiss chocolates which the hospital fulfilled