Asthma! Ex Used it to get out if helping friends, family everything!!! No asthma attack in years!!

My wife's uncle had a minor neck injury 10 years ago. He uses that excuse to not go back to work So he can just sit on his butt on the computer all day

my friend's brother died almost two years ago. Very sad, but she's completely punted the last two years. No work, dates, or school, and she blames him

friend has ptsd from an incident decades ago (not military) and it's her excuse for everything! Why she can't clean, go to work, etc.

aunt got in a car accident 5 years ago someone T boned her still uses it as an excuse but the real excuse is she is 400 pounds

my 52 year old sister has used I've been on my feet all day for the past 20 years. She cuts hair! Hey! Get over it! It's what you do.

Bratty teen scout was being lazy&rude at camp. Kept saying no one understood Cuz his dad died when he was 9. My dad got sick of him & said Ya, so did mine!

my husband's excuse to get out of doing everything is "my job is so hard". He won't help around the house or do anything social

friend lost a sibling to suicide years ago. Now she lives with mom and just watches tv.

I use being overweight. I decided to see my Dr and now I am on my journey to lose 100 pounds.

I knew a girl that used her "bi polar disease" to be a flat out B word!! And if she ever got in trouble for it she would throw it out there

My sister-in-law got a burn from falling asleep on a heating pad and is still using that as an excuse to not do thing 3 years later.

my sister in law uses being bipolar and her childhood as a huge crutch especially when it comes to being a mom

my ex says he was sexually abused as a teen by a man and that is the reason he is a sex addict and attracted to men.

my fil can't function in life because his son (my husband) died 3 years ago from melanoma at the age of 22. He sits at home all day complaining on Fb.

my bio dad (who i met at 31) uses EVERYTHING that has ever happened to him as a crutch!! Time in a Mexican prison, losing parents, a car accident

my sis in law has muscular dystrophy not a severe kind she can go to lagoon all the time but can't work

I know a lot of people who use their parents divorce for alot. Biggest pet peeve ever!

 my gf's sister had surgery on her hip 6 years ago and uses It as an excuse to get out of everything

 MY ex used her diabetes to get out of class and would roam the halls