Elizabeth smart gone for 9 months.... How convenient.... #conspiracy

I completely agree with DB on 911!

I kinda still believe that Tupac faked his death! Lots of clues

That cell phone companies program phones to bug out after a year or two

the Colorado movie theater shooting

walking on the moon. My niece doesn't believe it happened.

my sister believes two of the One Direction boys have been dating each other for years. But their management won't let them come out of the closet.

I strongly believe that the drug companies are in cahoots with the food companies to keep people sick and unhealthy so the need medicine.

A coworker thought the Casey Anthony story was made up by the Obama admin to distract from the fact he hadn't pulled the troops from Iraq yet.

I used to watch Barney & Friends as a kid. Now that I'm older, I don't think Barney was a real dinosaur. They went extinct yrs ago!

my uncle is one of the top surgeons in the world.and he says their are cures for everything but the pharm companies stand too loose too much $

My boyfriend loves this! Thousands of people go missing in state parks and very little or nothing Is ever found of these people


the JFK assassination & Marilynn Monroe

The government has base camps with huge containers that can hold up to 600 bodies and they have huge dugouts for those containers more and more camps are popping up
vaccines/immunizations. Population control. Big pharma!

Monica Luinski was fake. It was used to portray Hillary as a "loyal" partner to set her future political career.

what about how most apps you want to download on your phone says its needs access to your microphone and camera and needs to be accepted to download

Government introduced HIV into Africa to wipe out the "black" population

conspiracy theory about central banks, the Federal Reserve and the banking system. there's a book called the creature from Jekyll Island.

Pat Tillman, well known football player for AZ, killed by "friendly fire" in Afghanistan. Conspiracy president Busch signed order for the ambush.

Friend convinced she was abducted. Aliens put a chip in head. Lump in her head. Radio's go static around her.

my husband swears there are fema camps picking up the homeless and brainwashing them for a war against those who won't follow the gov.

I have a family member beyond obsessed with airplane Chem trails. He's convinced the government is trying to kill us all slowly by poisoning us

I totally believe in Bigfoot there's no way what hairy beast doesn't exists. You'll never see me in the woods in the dark!!!

I'm not saying this is true or not but I find it weird that they couldn't find Obamas birth certificate and it took so long for them to get it.

THE polls on the last president election were rigged

Missing Malaysian flight was a experiment with time travel.

9/11, Sandy Hook, The LAX shooting, Malaysian flight 370 and 17, the war in Ukraine and Syria, etc... Our government lies about everything