confession- my boyfriend has been cheating but I'm too scared of being alone to leave


confession. I have female erectile dysfunction. No sex drive, nada. It freaking sucks. No viagra for women


Have a bf and sleeping with a RSL player :-)


confession I'm getting new boobs tomorrow!! I'm so excited and scared :)


I had an affair with one of the RSL players. He is married. I am not. Not proud of it, but I've never told anyone.


confession In a relationship with a married man side note he's 50 and I'm 23


Confession. So I have a boyfriend, and I also have a girlfriend. I don't know who I should go with because I love them both. What do I do???


I found out My best friend is cheating on her husband because she told me, well I told her husband and now they are getting a divorce


I am a property manger... Sleeping with one of my tenants. And I have a boyfriend.


slept with my boss! Who is also my husbands good friend! OMG!!!!

confession I am seeing this guy only to pass the time.... also he is really good at sex but I know it is not going anywhere


....I met and hooked up with a kid that is a 23 year old college kid. I am 36...oopsie! I didn't know how old he was until the next morning.


My confession is that I've been having sex with my brothers best friend. He's engaged and I feel terrible about it. But not bad enough to stop


Confessions, I let people think i'm sexually active but, i'm a 23 year old virgin.


I've been with my boyfriend almost four years and last year I had sex with another guy a few times... He has no idea


I slept with a guy over the weekend for the first time, I am a married man.