I got ridiculously drunk and slept with a guy who was a total player

I need to confess that I was drunk this weekend at a bar and the sink was plugged up in the bathroom so I thought it was funny and left the sink running and flooded the bathroom.

I don't want my moms ghetto, stealing, un-loving, hillbilly family to come to my wedding : /

Confessions: I accepted a new job on Friday and have to let my current employer know today. I'm a bit nervous. Current boss is scary

Confession: I am still in love with my high school boyfriend. I've even married for almost 5 years to someone else...

I slept with my niece's boyfriend on Saturday afternoon. He's 23, I'm 44. I've been her favorite uncle... not any more... :'(

Confession left a number 2 in the urinal

I'm sleeping with my boss :-\

I went number 2 in a fast food bathroom sink, highly intoxicated. I broke the sink and fled the scene.

I got drunk the weekend before I got married and kissed my ex

I'm married but I love the feeling I get when a co-worker touches my back or pulls me in for a hug. :-\