People giving money to the bums on the freeway off Ramps while the light is green stopping all traffic during rush hour...

One word...TEENAGERS!!!! Grrrrr

Motorcycles. Don't tell me to watch out for them when they weave through rush hour and squeeze through the smallest gaps

Dance moms....enough said!

Men and women pull up your f’ing pants. I don't want to see your thong or the crack of your ass.

I wanna complain that my coworker will clip her fingernails EVERY. DAY. right by my desk

I've worked retail for seven years and it really gets to me when people not only walk in literally a minute to close, but linger for 10 minutes after close "just browsing"

I'm sitting next to the one upper!!!! Shoot me right now. So annoying!!! Best part, he's listening so let's see if he gets it!

When people don't stop for kids at the cross walk.

The guy who sits behind me at work and chomps on his ice all damn day.
Doing a job for free for a person and having them complain. Really??

Restaurants putting things on the menu that they don't actually offer

When customers treat their waitresses like crap.. Like dude "don't piss off someone who handles your food" :) jk

People who don't know how to tip. If you can't afford to tip don't go out to eat

I want to complain about what's coming out of kids mouths these days. No respect.

People don't control their children in public

I quit inviting a family friend to BBQ because he bit his toe nails off... I want to barf!!!!

My Complaint: I work in a restaurant--Customers who complain and want EVERYTHING for free. Let their kids run around the whole restaurant and make a mess and don't clean it up!! I'm not a maid and you're not always right!!!

People going the speed limit in the fast lane. Or slower. Wish I had a cow pusher some days.