I got my wedding bouquet tattooed on my right side of my ribs its huge I only have part of it colored in but I got divorced 3 months after I got it nobody knows what it is but I still look down and see what it is every day puke I'm sure I'll eventually cover it up when I figure out what I really want let's just say I really think I'm through now marriage and tattoos

Lotus flower meaning rebirth from my brothers suicide

I have a rubber ducky leprechaun tattoo, that me and my friends had too many mimosas

Palm tree on my bum... "Beach bum for life".

I have 2 blue stars on my foot . They are for my two sons who are in the military. I hope I only stay a blue star mother and never become a gold star mother

My tattoo is on my ribs and I won it at a raffle held in honor of my 19 year old sister who passed away. It's her favorite flower and will always be next to my heart! :)

TATOO STORY. RAISED STAUNCH LDS married young decided I wanted to do something rebellious when I was in vegas with the girls. I didn't drink so I decided to get a tattoo of a ladybug on my lower back. .. Well let's just say seven kids later my husband tells me it looks like a pineapple that SpongeBob lives in!! Dumb "rebellious" choice!

I have a butterfly tattoo on remembrance of my brother who passed away when I was 14. He used to say, butterflies will set you free.

I'm a really tall guy and across my stomach is a dotted line and above it says "MUST BE THIS TALL TO RIDE THIS RIDE"

My husband lived in ny 5 miles from where woodstock was and he got stoned when he was 15 and got a tattoo from a lady in the field of a weed plant and there is an extra leaf and blunted is spelled wrong. We told my kids it was a birth mark but now they are older and know lol

Rolled my full size pickup end over end not wearing a seat belt when I was 16. Walked away without a scratch. Got wings on my back for my grandma being my guardian angel

I got stars on my hand before my 2nd deployment to keep me close to my family

I got the infinity love symbol on my wrist to cover my scars and remind myself that there is unlimited amounts of love in this world.

I got Pinocchio's face on my lower stomach and my wife tells me to lie to her all the time
I have a cat on my right hip because my favorite aunt had the same tattoo removed right before she died.

I suffer from infertility and have my 2 yr old adopted son's name on my neck. He's my little man!

I have 2 cardinals carrying an anchor for my grandparents who died together

3 snowflakes on my foot for my dad who passed away. I got it exactly a year after our last snowmobile trip all on coincidence.

I designed a runner with wings tattoo to symbolize the changes I've made in my life as I went from being overweight and not running to being a marathoner

Me and my best friend got tattoos when we turned 17. I got stars and she got a dragonfly. She committed suicide a year later and I got her dragonfly tattooed next to my stars. I miss her

I was 18 and everyone called me sexy beast. sure enough my Dumbass tattooed it on my wrist, not even in nice letters it's big and bulky . Yep I'm a dip-S

My tattoo is on my right pointer finger, it says family, it reminds me to always keep family first...

I have a skull with a Rose in its mouth in memorial of my GirlFriend that Overdosed and Died in my arms when I was 15

I got angel with my best friend's name underneath for Remembrance because she passed away from cancer