My daughter's husband hit her once and never apologized our even mentioned it again. HUGE elephant in the room. PS They are now in the process of divorce.    6:53:29

I'm 6 months pregnant and he doesn't want to have sex EVER!!! And it's been that way the whole pregnancy!!

I haven't healed from things in my past and neither of us will talk about it. Neither of us know what to say.

Our elephant is that my husband and I don't have sex but once a month. It's not that we're not attracted to each other. We are just so tired by the end of the day we just go to bed. It's starting to become a problem I think. I feel distant.

Me and my partner have been together for a year. I was having stomach problems for a few weeks so I went to the doctor, turns out I was two weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage... We still have not had a real conversation about it.

My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years. We want to get married, but haven't really talked about religious upbringing of our future children. He is atheist and I believe in God, he respects my beliefs but I worry he will not respect my want to raise our children with the idea that someone is out there. It is a talk we need to have but I avoid it.

My husband and I like to sweep our problems under the rug and not talk about our issues so they build up and build up and build up and we constantly have a blowout fights. We cannot discuss anything without it ending up in a fight.

My husband is an alcoholic. We've been married 6 months and I'm just we don't talk about it. ??

My boyfriend hides talking to his ex wife (mother of his kids) they've been divorced 6years

My husband is super negative about everything. He is always looking to point at the bad parts of every situation. He never wants to try and make light of the situation

My fiancé cheated on me 3 weeks before the wedding. We're still together trying to work it out but he will not talk about it

The mother in law is literally and figuratively the elephant in the room

So how do you say that he is repulsive because if the 100 lb weight gain? If he wasn't such an ass anyway I could overlook it but it's unbearable. GAG!

The night of my boyfriend's birthday party he became violent with me. He refuses to acknowledge it and won't get help