I cried because my old school Nintendo broke


Making mac and cheese too cheesy.... Found out I was pregnant

I cried because of a late spring snow storm last year. I was sick of snow. . Stupid!

My friend created a Facebook account for me and I bawled for hours. I even called my mom sobbing. I am so anti Facebook - it was totes devastating.

I got home from work and my whole family had gone out to eat dinner, and I was so hungry I started to cry!

I was pregnant and my husband ate my biscuit with gravy I was so mad I bawled!

I'm 24 years old and I recently cried over having to eat pizza

Credit card pmt being late

Laid in bed for an hour crying because I didn't have any coffee filters and I wanted coffee. Ah menopause

Set salmon from Costco on top of truck and forgot about it. My defense, I'm pregnant

I had an ex boyfriend that started to cry when his brand new shoes got dirty

I cried for 2 hours because my siblings ate my favorite ice cream!!

The other day I was getting ready for a date and my hair was not working out the way that I it wanted to. I'm 20 years old. Curse these girlish hormones.