We all think our store manager is slipping a little extra something to our district manager. They deny a relationship but live together..

My wife's HR sleeps with the men there then fires them for sexual harassment when she moves to the next

One of our team managers has been making life hell for anyone hired prior to him so he can replace them with C+ cups and 0 waist line. Thanks for the office hooker service

Married boss and married employee been said they are dating they saw them together at the club and always stay late and always together

The current sandal in my office is that there is a gentleman sleeping with 3 ladies .broke it off with one, O did I mention that one is married. This gentleman in the lady find time to have succeeded alone time um and call the meeting

Coworkers caught having "relations" in the bathroom at work. When their spouses found out, his wife sent messages out to everyone on Facebook and let the m know. AKWARD

One of our directors was doing it with two ladies and they never knew about each other. The person that ratted him out was one of the employees who never got a promotion so she went to HR and he got busted fired. He was making about 300,000 a year too bad for his loss

The owner and the manager of one of our stores are having an affair and they are both married

I worked with this girl who would sleep with all the younger boys! And then she became a manager and she would sleep with the new hires. She was 21 and most of the boys were 16. Ew

My co worker is married but sleeping with our other co worker...has been caught but continues the affair. Even the boss knows what's going on!! She's also messing around with single friends of mine

We've all been wondering why my boss has started to act like a puppet and being a stickler... Well I recently found out that he is currently sleeping with his boss ... And is sleeping with another teams boss as well

8 employees are currently under investigation for having an orgy during a co. Party! Evidence is video on Internet!

I'm sleeping with a manager.. We use the bathroom... He's married!

Walked in on my office administrator after hours giving a lap dance to my boss
My HR manager wants to get rid of my boss. She's asked me to join her cause and take him down. She wants notes, emails and anything I can give to show he's no longer relevant.

A guy friend of mine & his wife worked for the same company but different offices. it was rumored she had slept with one of the sales guys. They are now in the middle of a divorce- turns out she's slept with 4 sales guys (that we know of.)