I was going to a bowling tournament but I had to miss it because my grandpa died

A Mormon mission. The first season of American Idol I wanted to audition in the Dallas audition but was told I needed to make a choice and focus my energies. I chose the mission and have always regretted the decision especially since I am no longer LDS

Planning a wedding with divorced parents has been a nightmare. All I've ever wanted was to get married in my moms back yard and my dad refuses to go there! I'm having to choose between my dream wedding and my dad! Definitely ruining my big moment!

I tore my ACL snow skiing at snowbird a week before starting drill team at Bountiful High and was off the team for a year.

Mom died the day before Olympic softball tryouts.

I was about to try out for D1 college volleyball teams when I tore five ligaments in my ankle. It reduced my vertical from 40 inches to 30

I was playing football at a university here in the state and had a chance to go to the NFL but then broke my leg, ending my chances and my football career

Husband broke his femur right before we were married.. Needless to say wedding was pushed back a few months

When I was sixteen I had the opportunity to be a student ambassador and go to England, France, Greece, and Italy for three weeks. The trip was paid for. got pregnant and had to make a decision to keep the baby and not go or have an abortion and go. I kept my baby. She's now 10.

I was getting ready for a snowboarding competition I had been training for all year, my friends and I were on our last warm up run before we went to start practice and I fell and broke my collar bone on the way down. It put me out for the remaining 4 months of the season

Was going pro at snow boarding. Then broke my Neck

Finally got a chance to play my boss in basketball 1 minute into the game I rolled my ankle had to stop playing

I had a full ride scholarship to NYU. But I got pregnant at 17, & couldn't take it. (Alone in NY with a newborn at 17?) Really bummed I missed out.

Hit a porcupine driving back from alaska and had to drop out of culinary school because it delayed my trip by a week abd I missed the first week of school

Husband signed with an nfl team & got injured in training camp. Got cut

I had a full ride scholarship, and had to give it cause i Got pregnant. But she is the best thing ever :)

Racing motocross out at Deseret peak for a sponsorship race got hot mid air by another rider broke my tib and fib bruised ribs 700 dollars of damage on my bike sponsors haven't looked at me twice since :/