My friend got in a fight with another friend the cops showed up and instead of keeping his mouth shut he was drunk and asked the cop if he liked Obama and the cop said no and he took a swing on the cop he was so drunk he hit the floor and they arrested him

got fired from a movie theater because me and my buddy snuck into a movie. They came and got us and asked us if we knew what we did. We admitted we snuck in

In California and I had a few too many, started yelling something to one aunt and my other aunt told me to take it down and I told her to stop talking to me like a child and her daughter stayed telling me not to talk to my aunt like that, and now we're no longer speaking.

My friend was having a sob fest with a bunch of our girl friends when she found out her husband was cheating on her. After an hour of poor me, I finally blurted out that she should take some comfort in the fact that SHE was cheating on her husband with the same man and had been for years... Oops. I apparently was the only one who knew

Passed a cop other night, he had no idea how fast I was going so when he asked I told him... Needless to say I got a ticket

I was called into my bosses office with my supervisor, our boss asked me why I was there, so i told him about what I thought he already knew about a couple of incidents during that week.......after a short pause he told me he didnt know about those and he just wanted to congratulate me on a recent food drive I participated in.

I witnessed a shooting. I knew everyone involved, the shooter and the shot. When my brother's friend was being questioned by the police he said " I didn't see anything but my friends sister saw everything". Thank god It did not go to trial everyone involved we all lived in the same neighborhood .

I told my friend she was just getting married for the wedding and to keep up with the rest of her friends