the one thing I got from my dad is his dyslexic treats with numbers. Thanks dad :)

learned from my dad the value of hard work

small scale hoarding and not willing to take a loss on anything I sell

My dad gave me 2 personality traits. One liners and giving xtra to others. Always trying to help people.

The personality trait that I got from my dad is the " I don't give a s--t what you think about me and the no stress easy going personality.

 I got perfectionism and my short temper from my dad. But I also got a good singing voice thanks to him! :)

my dad has the dorkiest chuckle straight from the gut. Lucky me after 25 years i realized i have the same one. EMBRASSING!!!!

 I'm super gassy from my dad

Stubborn and bossy. Oh how I love my dad! (:

A diet coke addiction. And a sense of humor

Harley's Hot Rods and Flirting.. And I'm a female??

 I got bi-polar from my dad. Booooo

 I inherited the anger and ability to lose my keys everywhere

 I learned how to be condescending to a person with a smile on my face and they think I'm being nice.

I got my bargain shopping from my dad. Downfall-I don't always need what i buy

my dad is a huge smart ass so let's just say I learned from the best!

Good: ability to talk anyone down on a price. Bad: I tend to make at least one inappropriate comment a day usually with a sexual innuendo. Thanks dad!

I got a good and bad trait from my dad. I'm bossy, excellent work ethic and determined. Good because I get things done and lead very well.

the trait I got from my dad is I am a total homebody. I guess that can be both good and bad.

I get my womanizing and alcoholism from my father. Thanks bud.

I got my people skills from my dad. He never met a stranger.

bad trait from my dad is not wanting to deal with confrontation

 I got my dads stubbornness

my sense of humor and ability to tell jokes

I got my OCD from my dad. I get out of the car that I just locked and then I have to pull the handle to double check that it's really locked.

I got my dad's trait where if we hear someone clearing their throat we HAVE to do it too. So annoying!

trait I got from my dad- I am notoriously early to EVERYTHING. and will have a total melt down if I am going to be late to something!

My dad has always been a "glass half full" guy and I luckily have that trait as well!

I inherited a very short temper from My father

Drinking straight from the milk carton... my husband hates it.

Bad habit from my dad..... Checking food at restaurants to make sure it's hot enough and sending it back to get reheated. LOL they probably spit

The personality trait I got from dad is I have a slight OCD problem with cleaning. I have to scrub the dishes with hot water and soap, and then put in the dishwasher

my dad procrastinates and is always running late