People loud up stairs so I start pounding on my ceiling and I punched through the ceiling

In my high school pottery class, I couldn't figure out how to work the wheel. Finally after much frustration, I took the wet clay and threw it all on the floor and walls. Needless to say, it was quite the mess to clean up!

My mom slapped the bishop across the face hard, at young women's camp after none of the girls were doing what was asked of them and he took the girls' side!

Finally had had it with everyone picking at the Turkey while I was trying to get Thanksgiving dinner all ready. I burnt the freaking pies. I totally got unhinged and threw the pies in the toilet and chucked the bird on the floor. Happy holidays right.

A friend of mine made me so angry that I picked up a rock and threw it and it ended up breaking my parents van window.

My husband and I got in an argument and I got so mad that I threw his wedding ring and it hit our brand new tv...

I am a women and never been trouble with the law was going throgh stuff with ex at lawyers office i slammed the glass door it shattered lawyer pressed charges, needless to say paid 200 dollars and 12 months probation.

I was decorating cupcakes for my sons blessing day. The decorator wasn't working correctly so I started smashing a cupcake on top of the counter freaking out . I looked up and my husband was staring at me with his mouth wide open. said I needed more sleep

Anger Embarrassment: Group of kids humiliated/bullied my son in front of auditorium of 500 people at the local junior high. I responded by calling the two boy right after it happen on the phone and lectured them and used the F word several times. I also spoke with one of the dad's of the boys about what happen (privately outside jr high) and used the f word several times. Ended up getting a ticket from Price city (Utah) for disorderly conduct. Attorney cost $750, fine $500, court ordered anger management evaluation $150, total cost $1400.

Speaking of getting angry I just slammed some stuff on the ground and turned around to see my boss staring at me.... Oops!!!