I saw a woman peeing in a casino parking lot from my hotel room window

I was in San Fran stopped at a stop light, and a man walking on the side walk, stopped at a garbage can, whipped out his dingy and started peeing...

I watched some idiot back into my car and then try and drive away. I started taking pictures of him and he watched me call the cops.

I drive truck and the worst thing I have seen is seeing someone with a spoon cooking drugs and then using. Called the cops and made sure they caught him.

I was at a light with a friend, jokingly licked my new shoe. Looked over and the girl next to me was laughing her butt off

pulled up on a guy at a light drinking a can of the thick Hershey's syrup.

my supervisor and the girl from HR getting it on in the covered parking downtown. Both married, both fired, didnt think anyone knew.

One morning when we were in Mesquite we were getting breakfast at McDonalds and a woman was taking a dump in the parking lot.

I witnessed a passenger pulling out a portable potty to fit on it in their seat and use it

I also caught another girl putting her hands in between her cleavage & smelling it. EW!!!

saw a guy in a truck back into a brand new Mercedes and then try to leave with out leaving a note or anything

good friend of mine works for a grocery store chain and busted a guy taking a deuce in the parking lot!

 I Drive a big truck and I was driving on the freeway and looked over and saw a guy jacking off while driving

driving down the freeway and I saw a couple literally doing the dirty-nasty-bad in the car next to me

I saw a mom straight up kick her kid in a fast food restaurant. I was 16 at the time and didn't know what to do.

saw a dude pissing in hotel stair case and I walked past and scared him when he saw me

saw a woman eating her own earwax at the library.

had a guy scratch his manhood and then he smelled his finger and then did it again

 young couple by us at olive garden. .saw the wife stuff a napkin into her purse..not sure why, they're the most hideous shade of green!

I used to live in Hawaii and saw a homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk hiding under his shirt with a fast movement. Yeah he was jacking off

I was driving down a busy street and saw a guy sitting on his stoop giving himself a hand job.

our boss was in his office where the whole pant can see him and he picked his nose and then looked at it and then ate it! There was 5 of us that saw
at work tonight around 2am, 4 15yr were trying to steal water melons as an associate, manager and i were watching (told them to leave)

Hiked to a waterfall. Caught a man talking nude pics of his girlfriend near the waterfall. Watched for a few minutes before they noticed us.

woke up early one morning go to take a shower. Cracked open my window and saw my neighbors doing it doggy style on their porch

I was driving on 201 around five pm when the sun is still pretty hot. There was a one guy in the car in front of me when I seen another head pop up