i heard a kid say one time, "mom look at that chocolate baby!! I want one!"


a child in a store said look mom that lady is wearing hooker pink


A kid at the grocery store told a man at the store that his tattoos made Satan happy. The things parents teach kids these days, geez..


I've got passion in my pants and I'm not afraid to show it. ( 2 nd grader on the play ground)


in a bathroom, mommy what is that smell? Are you poopong? Stop mommy it smells so bad. Its coming out of your butt! Mommy stoooop!


overheard in Target a little girl in a princess dress with a wand yell loudly, "mommy! I'm gonna turn you into a beautiful mommy!"


When my niece was 3 years old, she was in church and dropped the sacrament cup. She yelled out, "oh, shiz!" My sister was mortified.


my overly friendly child, at age 6, went up to a cute group of girls in dresses, and asked if they were strippers.


heard a boy in Walmart repeatedly calling mom mom mom MOM mom, finally answering WHAT!? only to hear I pooped my pants!!


Are you just Brown or are you Mexican


my nephew was with him mom and walked past two little people and as they were walking past them he asked "WHAT WAS THAT?!"


there was this little handicap boy in my line at work one day and he was screaming and a little boy behind him and his mom mommy is that a zombie


My 2 year old son pointed at a black man and said look mom chocolate milk


We were at church and a 4 year old started crying so his mom took him out and he screamed "Bishop!!!!!! SAve meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A little girl in sacrament meeting said, "It smells like butt in here."


my mom has a beard on her private


in the grocery store we passed a man that was a little big and my daughter said look mom he looks just like Santa except he doesn't have a beard


When we were at a store, my daughter would always adk (really loud) "mommy is that a boy or a girl" if we saw someone who looked questionable.


my aunt took her daughter to a store in Boston she was 4 at the time an yelled to the lady in front of them "you're vagina stinks lady!"

My wife and son at dr. Office. There is a man in the waiting room wearing an eye patch and tattoos. My son points at the guy and asks him aarrrrr you a pirate? He responded arrr I be.


We were behind a lp person at the store in line and my daughter says to me loudly look mommy it's a little daddy