Laptop. My son accidentally sent mine flying. Needless to say the screen was totally shattered.

My daughter has broken 3 iPhones and threw one away....we think.

3 retainers in a 2 month span

My nephew just threw keys and a remote at my dad's 65" tv. He upgraded to a 70" after the devastating loss

My two-year-old broke my cousins antique vase from Brazil

An onyx stone sink. Sat on it & snapped it in half. $900!!

My little sister drove my mother's car in to a friends house when she was about 2

My son threw a fork at his sister and shattered the glass oven door

The rear window in my Lexus, limousine tint with antenna in it $2000 Glass top convection stove $1200

My 2 yr old threw my keyless entry and iPhone into a storm drain... giggling the whole time.

My son at 3 took his toy hammer and "fixed" our 42 inch LCD TV. Shattered the screen. He was very proud it was hard to be mad

My son threw a toy car at the TV and broke my 2 week old 55 inch tv

new 600 phone.. my son decided to take is swimming in the tub ;/

my garage door. dont leave your 10 year olds in the car with it running

My 3 year old nephew carved his name in the side of my brother's brand new audi a6

My son has broken 3 iPads. He got pissed and threw the first one because it was to slow. Ran over the second one with his power wheels. Dropped the third

My five-year-old blended my iPhone because he saw it on YouTube video

My son is four. I told him to go get his swimming suit on. 30 minutes later, he spray painted my car black.

Hearing aids

My 2 year old just last week spilled a cup of water on our laptop that isn't even a year old. No spill protection warranty.

My daughter who was 18 mos at the time... Was on a throwing stage and threw a toy maraca at my flat screen. Shattered it... So I bought a 55" :)

I came outside to find the neighbors little 5 year old carving pictures in the hood of my car with a screwdriver

My 3 year old flushed a children's liquid medicine bottle down the toilet. $390 later they were able to push it down the sewer line.

My child took scissors to the strings that hold the blinds together throughout the house. Over $15k to replace them all

My son threw a Ping pong paddle through our 55 inch, brand new flat screen plasma tv. Ugh!!! So pissed!