Cargo pants!


I still wear a fanny pack it is so damn convenient!!


Guess jeans. Gary S


My boyfriend still wears the shark tooth necklace. Like he is a surfer or something haha


Dickeys. No matter the change of date... Always wearing a dickey


Baggy crazy and lazy pants. It has weird and cray patterns on it.


Shorts with socks and tennis shoes


My husband has a pair of girbaud shorts he's had since high school. He just caant give em up LOL He graduated 21 yrs ago


Socks and sandals. I purposely lost one of his sandals and he just went out and bought more. Arg!


denim overalls


My husband is 28 and still wears his punk looking leather jacket


My husband still wears his hat backwards


501 jeans


The one leg rolled up


The damn braided belt! Ewww so ugly


My husband loves his silk pirate looking shirt it's ugly and it should be burned!


Tank tops! Show off those big guns 


Wallet with the chain attached it's so ugly!!!


The pants that zip off to shorts


Jesus sandels


Sports jerseys.....the sleeveless ones....automatic douche