pictured db blonde, talk and ripped cause he's always at golds gym


Frankie is mitt Romney jess is Mandy Moore and DB is Travis pastrana


Frankie- brown hair handsome. Db- like steve o. Jessica- brown long pretty hair. Pretty and thin


I envision DB looking like Danny Bonaduce, Frankie Howard Sternish but blonde wavy hair


jess sounds very hot, db sounds like a scrawny but hilarious guy, and frank sounds medium built guy that has brilliant teeth


I think frankys voice is sexy I love u r voice u sound like u would be really cute. I always imagine brown hair brown eyes and perfect height of 6 feet


I picture jess looking like reese Witherspoon, frankie looks very Italian and built, db has shaggy brown hair and facial hair


I picture Jess as a dirty blonde with a streak of blue in her hair... Mormon rebel. Frankie like a taller Ryan Seacrest, DB also just like Jonah hill


Frank looks like "dad", DB looks lumpy, scraggly hair and hung over all the time, and Jess sounds hot just because of the laugh.



my daughter thinks Frankie sounds tall, DB sounds like he would have a Mohawk, and Jess sounds like someone who wears a lot of blue 


I always pictured Jessica looking like mariska hargitay


I think Frank would look like John Stamos, Jess would look like Jessica Simpson, and DB would look like Sean William Scott


 I envision Jessica having red hair for sure!


Franky I imagine you looking like chandler off of friends Deeby- I imagine you being HOT!


i think based on his voice db looks like steve o from jack a$$


I always thought DB looked like Steve-o


I picture Franky a guy with brown hair and short and db a creepy looking guy with grey hair Jess looks tall and blonde


I imagined Frankie as a small mousey dude with brown hair. I got on the website the other day and almost died!


DB is Shaun Ashton, Jessica is Anna Nichole Smith


Frankie is 6'2" 205 6% body fat shoulder length hair & a cut jaw line, Jess must look like Kim K with dog bounty hunters wife's boobs & DB is Jonah hills twin