Slapping my husband in the face back when we were broken up when we were broken up....He deserved it! He always brings it up and I still haven't apologized

My sister and I got in a fight 3 years Ago because she is bi polar and refuses to take medication and has threatened to kill my daughter and myself

I refuse to apologize to my in laws for freaking out on them two years ago. I don't have any regret. They were emotionally abusive towards my husband and i

I refuse to apologize to my little brother for kicking him off my Facebook for dropping the N word on my status

I refuse to apologize for being disrespectful to my stepmother right before my wedding. She called me and ripped me a new one about how I'm not ready to get married. She didn't come to my wedding

My ex thinks I owe him an apology for not aborting his baby and making him, pay child support. I'm not going to apologize for the best thing that has ever happened to me

Finding full on VAGINA pics on my boyfriend's phone. Don't mess with a woman's intuition. ;)

I ran over my girlfriends dog and I won't apologize. It was the dogs fault.
Leaving my boyfriend of four years because I wasn't ready to be with him and he wanted to change me

Kick my boyfriend out for not getting a job and told everybody what was going on and I don't feel bad about it