I make 35K my husband makes 40K I would love if we both made at least 40-45K a year :)

combined income of $130k... So happy!

 household is 22k and would like to make 60k single mom income

$90,000 yes I'm happy but more money never hurt anyone!!

55000 no I would like 70000

live in NJ. House Makes 88k not happy. Wishing we made 100k a yr. Just a Lil more would help ;)

We make 100k a year together and I'm content with it. We can do a lot with our money when we budget and spend it wisely.

 we earn 135k a year, we're happy with it, but I'd like to earn 150K

household income is about 45k. I'd like to be at 75k. For the love! 75k!!

63000. Not really happy. 80,000

165k/yr. We are VERY happy (w/ money and life) but I wish I could be a stay at home mom instead of the bread winner.

 we make 102,000 a year. As newlyweds we are decently happy but we think we would like to make more to raise a family.

my wife and I make 130,000 together and we are happy but wonder where it all goes

Make 65k but would like to make 90k

 Together we make about 70k. 100k would be ideal

I'm a single dad and I'm a seasonal employee at IRS. Average I make 25-30K a year but would be happy making 45-50K

household income: almost 90,000 Yes we are happy with that

 Combined income is 52,000. Realistically would be happy at 75,000

And I make 40 be happy with 55

60,000 I think 80 to 90 thousand would be good for me

make 140,000 would happy w/ 200,000

140,000 okay with it, but would be happier at 250,000

we make 72,000 a year, wtf, not happy. We would like to realistically make 100,000!!!!

house hold makes 55-60,000 a year now. $70,000 would be a perfect number for us

Household income 93k, no kids. We live very comfortably and are happy

32k p/yr living with family no BUENO! Would be happy w/ 75-80k

 $150k yes, would like $175k to help with retirement this is household total

Single income of 65,000 a year. I'm okay with it but would like to make 85,000 a year

it's just me in my household. Make 57000 and I'd be very happy

I'm 20 make 31,000 a year my goal is 100,000 a year by 25

Combined just over 100k... Happy but not satisfied... Would like to do about 150k.

 Make low 40's but ideally would like to make $65-$70k

single parent home 30k not Happy 52k :-)

We make about 87k a year. Not happy but not sad about it. 125k a year I think would be amazing

Me and my husband make about $65,000... Would be more at ease about money if we made about $75,000

We made $28,000 last year! Being self employed and making sure your employees have their checks before us sometimes sucks!

household has 2 adults and two children under the age of 3. We make about 62k. 80k would be better.

65k we have a tight budget but not in debt. Would like to make 80-90k.

35,000 no and 75,000
Making about 55k/year. Not happy. Would be comfortable at 80k

We make about 26000-28000. My wife and I fight everyday about money. Id like 65000

make $28,435 would like $65-70,000 a year

 i make 54k i would like to make 75 to help pay these Damn Medical bills