i hide my vapor cigarette things


my coffee pot


my husband has a "special" cooler in the garage he hides his beer in from my family. We hide our pills when my mom babysits.


I hide my alcohol when my parents come over. They have no idea I've ever had a sip


my mom and step dad would hide all the alcohol in there bedroom closet every time his really religious parents came to visit.


My Cosmo magazine with all the racy headlines


my mom would hide all of the Harry Potter books. I asked her why once, and she said some people think that it promotes witchcraft. Whatever


I hide my boyfriends clothes, they don't know he's living with me...


 i hide my bills.


we are active Mormons but my husband has to hide his booze and alcohol whenever anyone comes over


when my parent come over I hide the alcohol. I started going back to church but they don't know I still drink


I go through my DVD collection and clean out all the rated r movies lol


I hide anything of value when my niece comes over because she is a thief;)


When my parents come over I have to hide all the snacks because they give me crap about sugars and weight, I'm like back off I'm a grown ass man.


my parents hide all movies above the rating of pg including harry potter


I have a picture of my and my dog in a frame on the living room table. I hide it when the maintenance people come cause I don't pay pet rent.


We have beer signs hanging in the living room that come down when the parents come over


I hide the good food from my family we are Polynesian family cause they eat too much...lol


coffee maker my husbands parents annoying Mormons !!


it's always a purge when my mom comes. Liquor cosmopolitan mags fifty shades of grey. Anything that will break her little saintly heart


our toothbrush's. Hey man you never know what people world do with them.


my husband hides his beer from his parents.. He's 37


I hide my bros camping equipment I borrowed a couple of years ago cuz he's been looking for it but don't remember who borrowed it...LOL


I hide my good shampoo and conditioner when my friend stays the night because she always uses tons of it


my now ex boyfriend hid his his three other cell phones whenever I came over.


We used to hide the rated R movies when my super Mormon grandma was coming over.


 I hide my kids toys when i bring my dates to my house


 I hide all my cats! Don't want people to judge, I love animals & own a house :) don't hate!! Lol


 my husband is LDS and he's a home brewer. Everytime family comes to visit we are hiding books, mags and beer glasses