hubby won't let me chop off my hair!

#isaidno fiancé asked if his troublesome brother could move in with us! He's 38 and in and outta jail. NOPE!

can we trade in the Mercedes for a Subaru? Umm, NO. (Mercedes is almost paid off too and only a 2008.)

My husband said no to us having a baby, but guess who is going to take a preggo test today!

my brother told his wife he would not give her dad a kidney. Turned into a huge fight.

Wife says NO to NOT having another kid.

i cant cut my hair or get a boob reduction

I told my husband not to get the motorcycle he was looking at, he bought it anyway and it stopped working 5 hours later

Told civil engineer Hubby NO to going to Iraq to rebuild 4 $. Within the week saw people being executed by terrorist in the news who were there to rebuild.

hubby said absolutely not to me quitting my job and staying home with the kids. He said if I have to work, so do you.

my hubby told me that if I ever cut my hair into an A line again he would divorce me.. Thought about it a few times.. Lol

I said no: i'm getting a boob job, and my husband feels if we're paying for it. We should "get our money's worth" he really wants me to go F cup