SMUGGLING. I smuggled a baby Caimen from Guyana to Trinidad to Florida, in my pants. But I couldn't beat the x-ray detector in customs. So I left him there


who doesn't smuggle alcohol on the cruise ship


I got a switch blade through security at JFK Airport by putting it in my make up bag


I recently went to California in vacation, Had tickets to see the Dr. Phil show. The staff was EXTREMELY STRICT on The NO cell phone policy. I smuggled.


I smuggled heroin into the Utah State Prison


my pet iguanas on a airplane back to Tucson.


My boss smuggled a marijuana leaf that he had pasted in his mission journal. Security actually looked through his journal but missed that page.


booze. Into every sporting event and movie......


my brother and I found a snake we liked in Texas and put it in a bottle to fly back with us home in Alaska


in high school I went to Tijuana with my family and bought tons of fireworks. My brothers and dad taped the fireworks to my body and we walked across the border


My grandmother was born in Cuba so she goes there all the time and smuggles Cuban cigars back in and sells them for like a $50 profit


I smuggled a bottle of wine in from Belize when I was 18.


my friend put weed in a tampon taped it up & put it in her hubbys suitcase, when they went on a cruise


my aunt brought a tropical parrot on plane from Mexico !!! No joke


We smuggle fireworks in from Evanston. Stick them in the horse trailer where NOBODY will find them!


When I was in grad school, we went on choir tour in Europe. On the way home, my conductor asked me to smuggle 2 bottles of wine in my suitcase


my cousin that's a lawyer, snuck in a baby monkey from Jamaica. He gave the monkey an injection to put it to sleep, strapped it on himself


I smuggled a sugar glider on a plane from Houston to Columbus, Ohio.


Took an ancient artifact from Mexico City


I replaced all the joints in a cigarette box with joints, put the plastic back on and smuggled them into a rave

We smuggled 3 bags of alcohol tapped to our body on the cruise ship, and little joints of Mary Jane


smuggled a hamster on an airplane flying from Florida to Utah. My grandpa was my accomplice.


we snuggled Cuban cigars from the Dominican Republic


i tried to smuggled Passion Fruit but i got caught :-(