When Me and my husband first got married he told me I was boring in bed. I have been self conscious ever sense.

I told my husband I wasn't attracted to him. I said it as nice as I could but I thought he had to know

My roommate and I got into a fight and he said what if I killed myself would you even care I said no go for it I regret that to this day still

My mother is crazy, she was arguing with my wife and I and told my son that I'm not his dad. Biologically I am not but he only knows me as dad

I bleeped ur wife and sister at the same time

when I left my hometown on the East Coast I was very skinny. when I went back to visit 15 years later I had gained a lot of weight and a woman I used to work with saw me and said "what happened to you!?"

It was my first day back to work after losing my baby at 18 and a half weeks and a coworker came up to me and told me that maybe it was better my baby died because he is better dead than possibly living with a disability. Then she made that her opportunity to tell me she was pregnant. Seriously?!

A week before my dad died I called his hospital room on my birthday to speak to him. He told me to go away he never wanted to talk to me again. :-(

My ex wife told me repeatedly that I was very unintelligent and stupid

after I got a tattoo my mom told me it would be a good idea if I never had kids.

My bf was fighting with ex wife and told me he would never marry because of that (after we had talked marriage)

My mom used to tell me that I was the product of rape and I was not I found out years later that she was actually dating a guy and hiding it from my grandmother

The day before my wedding is the day I met my new mother-in-law. She told me I was overweight. Yeah you don't ever get over that.

Told my ex to shut the eff up and choke on his small wiener. I regret it cause I stopped to his level

My dad told me I'm fat and that nobody would want a fat nanny.

A coworker said to me that she's certain if i lose weight i could get pregnant. Uh no, i had a partial hysterectomy due to ovarian cancer :-(

I got into a huge fight with my husband and told him I hated him and wished he was dead and other really mean hurtful things. He was really abusive to me. He died the next day. My husband told me I deserved it and he is so glad and relieved that I was hurting when he cheated on me.

Two girls I work with were not getting along. One lost a son and the other told her "to get over it it's been thee years." Let's just say she got fired

My ex told me I deserved to be hit

In high school my mom told me that bc I was thin I was doing heroin. And she didn't want me anymore.... Never apologized.

My husband who I am still married with told me that he loved me but that sometimes he didn't want to have sex because of the smell ouch! Hard to forget it

I told my mom it was her fault for my self esteem problem.

Someone asked my wife once why a pretty girl like her would marry a guy that looked like me.

My sisters ex husband told their elementary aged daughter that she was the reason they were getting divorced.

My husband's x wife told me should hoped that if I ever had kids they died. To this day I believe she still means it.

When my parents separated when I was 13, my mother said to my older brother and I that we caused the divorce. To this day, she still blames us, I am now 32.