I hacked my schools gradebook and gave myself an a. ;-)

My sister in law "cheated" on her birth control. She "missed" it and they ended up with a baby girl.

Words with friends

I switched urine with water on a drug test my wife gave me.

Test I work about 50 hours a week married with kids and I'm taking online classes to finish my bachelors degree the quizzes are open book but the test are not supposed to be

I cheat and do my 8yr old sons homework. Yes I am aware I'm only cheating him. ARGGGHH I am such a passive single mom someone help me!!!!!

Every board game I have ever played

I cheated my whole way through college economics! Thanks for the A- kid next to me!!

um... I started a sugar fast and only lasted 5 hours. I cheated on my stupid diet. i'm addicted to candy. Lame.

I cheated in grand theft auto 5........ I used cheat codes :) so I can never die