losing my virginity at 20. I should've waited longer


I ratted my mom out 2 my dad. He committed suicide. Nobody knows


I cheated on my boyfriend while he was away at boot camp


had a guy move across the country for me even though I was in a lesbian relationship, I was Mormon


I sleep with my ex. I'm so ashamed!


I've cheated on my husband, still not sure how to tell him after 2 years of marriage


buy mass amounts of drugs once a month (700 bucks oxycodone) then I help the homeless once a week to get info on what drugs are coming in


I've cheated on my husband 8 times not proud of it.


I did nothing for my brother when he made me his best man no party no speech no strip club biggest regret


was hooked on cocaine and am glad and thankful i don't do it anymore. Almost 9 years off it now.


Used a really hot guy for booty calls because the guy I was dating didn't want to commit to steady relationship.


I lied about being pregnant for five months to keep a guy. So dumb


I'm a highly religious girl that's had sex with two guys before marriage.


I talked one of my ex-girlfriends into getting an abortion /: regret to the max


I cheated on my wife and she still doesn't know. She suspected but doesn't know how far things went, it eats me inside


I slept with my married boss


I have had sex with my ex-wife through all my relationships. We have been divorced for 8 years


Cheated on my husband with a co worker, ended up getting that co worker fired because of it


I get mad at my husband if I found out he watched porn. But I am the one who's addicted to it and not proud of it