I have worn my slippers to work before. I forgot to change my shoes as I was heading out the door.

In the morning I get ready in just a T-shirt and underwear, and I forgot that I didn't have pants on and it took the garbage out to the street!

Two days ago I walked out of the bathroom with my dress tucked up into my underwear. The day I regret wearing granny panties!

My wife was feeding the baby and she took a pic of the baby laying on her lap and snatched a pic of her boob and sent it to our parents.

My sister wasn't. Paying. Attention and walked straight. Into. A stop sign

I am working at uvu's workshop and we have a cnc with a low hanging feedbelt and i slammed my head into the belt. (happen a few days ago) Woke me up right away

I wasn't listening to what my wife said last night. When she was done talking she asked what I thought and I agreed with her. I was agreeing that she was stupid!

Last weekend we had a party my friend went to the wrong house just walked in the house cause he heard music. Wrong house!

An ex GF and I actually got into a wrong car of the same model, and the car started with her key!

I put on a sheer shirt and drove to work didn't realize I didn't have an undershirt on. Luckily I had a jacket and wore it all day.

I meant to go grab something for lunch on my lunch break and accidentally drove all the way home!

My wife and I were at smiths and I saw her reading a Cosmo that says 20 ways to have better sex. Came up behind her and whispered in her ear. You learn anything new? Needless to say it wasn't my wife but she saw the whole thing! Creepy guy at the store... That's me.

I was in the dressing room and talking on the phone... I was trying on some pants that were too big so what did I do?... I walked right out into the store to get a smaller size! I was mortified!!! Lol