I found out that my former boyfriend was married when his wife walked in on us... Yeah, doing THAT

My twin brother was caught with a girl on her knees (if you know what I mean) by our mom

My ex boyfriend decided to surprise me one night and came over, well I was with another guy I was "casually" seeing. Oops

 Caught my friend going solo on himself

I caught my now EX husband at the club making out with some chick when I was 4 months pregnant. High five!

husband 'quit chewing'. I found the receipt and he said it was his friends. Matched his cc number on the receipt. Busted!

my co worker caught me eating his lunch and threw his company phone breaking it and later got fired for it

sluffing school 2 go snowboarding. On the way dad pulled up next 2 us at the red light! FML bye bye snowboard

my ex has a key to my house for emergencies for our son. My mom walked in my house in the middle of the day and found him making himself a sandwich

found hubbys porn stash last yr. Said he would stop if I stayed. I did and I found more a few weeks ago. So he Would rather do that than sleep with me.

I caught my bf in bed w/a total skank, & then again with not 1, but 2 nasty nasty girls. Gross...if you're going to cheat, at least cheat up.

i caught my wife playing a game that she had been making fun of me for...greatest feeling ever. She had been playing it for a week and been hiding it

Caught a coworker looking at dildos to purchase while at work

caught my ex fiance at a gay club grinding on some guy. I had the dress and everything, 3 weeks before we were supposed to get married.

I left to the mall with some friends, forgot my wallet went back home to get it and caught my supposedly straight uncle with another man

my dad caught a young teenager shoplifting a pregnancy test at Walmart. He turned him in and the kid started crying

my boss caught two coworkers in their cubicle

my neighbor was cheating on her husband he caught them and later that night he killed himself

friend walked in on me going solo right in the middle of the big O! I didn't stop told him to give a few more mins. He went and Told all our friends

I reconnected with an ex boyfriend after being broken up for 11 months and I didn't know he had a girlfriend until she walked in on us doing the deed

I own a pizza store and was in the rest room when an employee of mine walked in to the stall next to me and started stealing toilet paper