I thought you had the baby why are you still fat

My mother in law said "I'm so glad you didn't get an abortion like I wanted"

I had twins and instead of congratulations I got.. Oh man that sucks you had twins. Or, I feel bad for you! Made me so mad!

I was nursing my new born and my husband compared me to a cow. Not happy!!!!

My sister in law said "Don't you feel so much skinnier right now?" No, you whore I still feel 6 months pregnant.

Ex mom in law said she raised her kids so don't expect her to watch mine

I was told to hurry and have another baby so my son could have a friend.

2 days after our 2nd daughter was born we went and got family pictures and the photographer said to my wife "suck in your tummy."

Mother in law said she was worried that something was wrong with the baby after seeing him.

After a woman having her baby, someone asks "Isnt that baby ready to come out yet??"
I was pregnant with twins and when I had them my mother-in-law told me she didn't know how I was going to take care of two babies since I didn't even know how to take care of one! Needless to say my husband went back to work as soon as I got home with the twins and no one ever came to help me. I did it all by myself

I have 3 boys. When they were younger a lady in a grocery store asked if they all had the same dad! The nerve

Someone asked me when I was due... And I had already given birth. Started my diet immediately!!!

My ex said is my son still in there. After our daughter was born.

Had my little one at 28 and half weeks, she was 4 lbs. A lady at the hospital said to me as we were walking out, She is so little, what's wrong with her?

My mother in law brought up the fact that I wasn't able to do a natural birth but my husband ex wife was

He was huge. You must be wrecked down there.

Wow his nose is so crooked, worst I've seen at 2 weeks

My husband's grandma said wow you gained a lot of weight with this one.

I was in labor for 24 hours and after I had her my husband said I don't think she's mine she doesn't look like me

I had twins and my father in law walked in while I was nursing and said oh is the dairy open?

Neighbor came to visit, I open the door, she looks at me and says "Oh I thought that you had the baby...." the baby was a week old. I was still swollen and recovering from a c-section. She thought everyone should be back to pre pregnancy pants after a week like she was.

My doctor asked me why I was so whiny during my c section surgery

Our son was born with Down's syndrome and my mother in law said, that doesn't happen to this family.

A few weeks after having my first, my husband's grandma was watching me do dishes and after about a min or her staring she asked in a concerned voice "Are you pregnant again!?"

A pediatrician asked how long I pushed my baby out because his nose was smashed and it was the worst she had seen at a 2 week appointment... I didn't ev \en have a contraction I ended up with a C-section after no labor starting for over a day of my water being broken. He just sat low the entire pregnancy.

I got pregnant later in life. When I gave birth my mother said so you are going to give her up for adoption right. Because you raising her at your age is just cruel.