A few weeks before our wedding my husband lost his job and was unemployed. Brought our budget to $500.

Really good friends wife died five days before his daughter's wedding his daughter got married on Saturday and his wife was buried on Sunday

I got the chicken pox a week before my wedding. I was scabbed over on my wedding day. I big scab on my face.

My checking accounted was wiped out by fraud. Found out as i was in Shane company and had insufficient funds. Shane Co was great and helped me work through it!

Husbands transmission went out and lost his job. It's been a year and a half and he still doesn't have a job or a new transmission.

My fiancé was arrested and taken to jail 5 days before the wedding.

I'm getting married in two weeks and last week we realized the address for our reception was wrong and the address we sent our was for a funeral home.

My husband dropped a nail gun on his face at work the day before we were married. Chipped his front teeth right off. Luckily my bishop is also a dentist

My brother got bells palsy which is a temporary condition where half your face is paralyzed.... Needless to say wedding pics rocked

My husband lost his job a week before the wedding. His parents had to help us get on our feet for the first 6 months. Yes embarrassing.

I broke my ankle in a softball game 3 days before my wedding

My in laws were supposed to pay for our wedding venue and backed out at the last minute... I could have killed them.. so needless to say we had to come up with 4 Grand

My father in law killed himself 2 days before the wedding, and me being a good guy I cleaned it up yup sure did

9/11 happened 4 days before I got married.. I had relatives that didn't make it to the wedding cuz they were too afraid to fly and we ended up honeymooning in bear lake cuz we had planned to go to new York for our honeymoon :(

My friend lost her wedding ring (made with her M-I-L's diamond) the week before- they had to try and find one that looked like hers so the MIL wouldn't find out!

I had just cut my hair the day before my wedding. I put a 1 guard on my clippers to trim my beard when I noticed a missed patch of hair on my head, and not thinking took a strip of hair off my head with the 1 guard on. Sucked

Try the day of the wedding. My ex boyfriends sisters dress got ruined just 3 hours before she needed to wear it! Luckily one of the brides maids found a place to get it cleaned. Didn't really look the same but it worked

On our wedding day the main drain at our house broke guest that stayed with us had to shower at the neighbors house

I had a terrible kidney infection 3 days before the wedding.