Found my buried dog. Ruined my childhood. Haha. 


early 80's in Oregon, I found a hand grenade in an old barn. Mom was not excited when I ran into the house with my cool new treasure.


Me and my sister found TONS of really old weapons and hand made pots. Sooo cool, we kept them. 



I found a nippy tassel exploring my hoarder grandmas basement once... We don't talk about it. 


my cousin found a dead body in Neches River. Two alligators were death rolling and tearing it apart. Someone had murdered her and dumped her body.


Me and my friend used to always play in the cornfield behind my house when we were kids and one time we found marijuana plants that someone was growing


12 yrs old, went into the forest w/ my sister and stumbled upon a stash of condoms, cigarettes, and a big purple sex toy, gross when I was a kid


a babies car seat in the driveway of a vacant home covered with blood 


I found bag full of cash. 50k. Paid for my college. Still have 10k in savings 


me and my brother found an unexploded war head from when the land used to be testing grounds.