We call each other racial names

We talk in baby talk..now that I say it it's kinda weird

We high five and miss on purpose , then laugh like we are funny!!

My husband loves Legos and we make stop motion movies with them :)

We replace words in songs with cat and dog noises

Me and my gf will spontaneously bust into dance parties with each other for like 5 minutes dancing as stupid as we can.

The hubs and I are professional whistlers. We harmonize in the car and prob should drop an album together.

My boyfriend and I will randomly start belting out Bohemian Rhapsody... A LOT

We always have pretend conversations in valley girl voices. Sometimes they last a longer than normal. But I don't know how normal that is anyways!

We play "Prius" in the car instead of slug bug. Had to stop playing it in Malibu because we were turning black and blue.

My husband and I talk in movie and tv show quotes to make our conversations.

Talk in British accents whenever at a Denny's. Actually had a meal bought for us because they thought we were a cute couple

We'll have burping contests and usually wife wins

Me and my special partner (gender not specified) love to curl up and clip each other's toenails.