Work for a dentist that charges patients for procedures he doesn't do, along with causing more damage to than when they came in so they have to come back & he caused an infection in a patient so bad he lost his tooth & had to get an implant & it was his front tooth. Horrible dentist. I had to leave because i felt so bad for the patients

I work for a bank that doesn't care about security

I work for a group home service and they rather us not take them to the doctor until 911 is needed

The manufacturing company tells people we make out own product. We don't. We get most of out stuff from another company down the street.

I work for a group of doctors. I get daily sexual-harassment from one particular doctor. I so wish some days I could turn him in.

Work at a daycare which is a nationwide franchise. Lots of health and safety issues and unethical practices.

When I worked at a pizza place. I was told not to wash the pizza pans, bread stick pans or cheese stick pans because it would make the pizza stick to the pan. I remember Franky coming in to A Pizza and I always felt bad giving it to him because he's such a nice guy lol
I used to work at a fence company where the owner had the company paying for all of his children's' and wife's cell phones, iPads, car insurance, lunches etc. but none of them worked for the company. He wrote it off as "business expenses".

My company make us pray at meetings and company parties. We are in no way a religiously oriented business.

I work in the office of a retirement home and our nurse refuses to help change people. They will walk around messy all day. So frustrating and sad!

The company I work for does not dispose of grease, and oil waste properly. I'm shocked of this because this company is global and is not afraid of spending money by any means.

The place i work at a drug research facility that has tested a drug for the Fda and got it passed even though it causes significant number of deaths it

i'm an employee at a local photo supply house my boss loves to sexually harass all the girls here

I worked for a daycare in the infant room. It was infested with cock roaches. Wonder how many homes we infested with roaches hitching rides on car seats.

First job ever, fastfood. Patties defrosted over night because someone turned off the freezer. Shift manager said to still use them. They Smelled like feet. I'm sure someone got sick when they ordered a burger. I quit the next day.

Tax evasion for my old work...all employees got half their pay check in cash

theater won't let you throw anything away. Even if it falls on the floor.

I worked at a water park in the foods department. We found mold in the ice cream machine. We also discovered that the sugar water to make the snowies was fermented.

at the airport we were forced to write that we made tips when we really didn't so the company wouldn't audited

Worked at a place where the owner was racist wouldn't hire black people cuz his customers would be upset

I worked at a restaurant and when you prepare the food to go, pushing on the sides of the contrainers would cut your fingers and you would sometimes bleed on the tin or in the food. I asked what to do when this happens and they said to leave it cause it just looks like the sauce... I don't eat or work there anymore cause I don't want aids.