The habit I picked up from my spouse is going to the bathroom with the doors open.

Smoking! I never wanted to smoke until I started dating my gf and now 2 years later I can't stop!

Giggling. My husband giggles after almost everything he says and it's crazy annoying!

Bad habit : free gas .. I don't hold back ... I'm free and I love that man !!!!

She got me addicted to all sorts of different TV series

I don't know if its a bad habit but my girlfriend of 5 years smoke pot because of me

Swearing. My wife swears like you went believe. Ha ha. So now I have a potty mouth as well. Ha ha.

I was always on time & never slept in. My boyfriend is a hit the snooze 20 times before you get out of bed kinda guy . Now I'm the same way haha

My husband always blows his nose in the shower (into his hand and then washing it off ) and I used to think it was so gross, now I catch myself doing it.

I hate the f word and yet I say it frequently because every few words out of my husband's mouth is that word grrr

Teeth brushing. My husband never brushes his teeth and for about a year I hardly ever did but I've broken the habit wish he would too.

I'm a hoarder. My husband is a clean freak. I have come to realize clean is better and have already thrown 4 truck loads of treasures and still going strong.

Awful grammar.... Can you off the light???? Really!!! PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHT!!!

Being lazy

I cuss like a trucker because of him uhhh Lol

Saying "oh my" to everything!

I'm from the south and I picked up 'oh my heck' with an accent

Late night eating. 24 pounds later....

My husband has terrible grammar, now I have started to say things like "that don't make sense.."