During our food drive, some carriers have driven home and unloaded all the food at their house instead of donating it

I delivered mail for 5 years. If you put pictures in an envelope with no padding. I fold it on purpose. You people are idiots. Also if your house pissed me off for whatever reason I can keep putting your damn checks through the system for weeks. Don't mess with the mailman:) ---Also kicking packages that have hand written notes that say "fragile" on them. That happens all the time.

when I was in the postal service I had 4 stay at home dad's I slept with on my route It was fun taking the mail to their house and getting a little on the side.

My neighbor is a mail Man, he is a very fit, and handsome man, and on the weekends he is a stripper who dresses in his mailman outfit.

when I was like 10 there was a mailman who Lived around the corner who was arrested for hording mail. His garage was packed floor to ceiling with like 25 years of mail he didn't deliver because he wanted a day off with pay. He had 1 or 2 rooms in his house full also.

my mom is a mail carrier and she delivers postcards to people from the jail and she reads them and gets a lot of juicy info from them

Someone I know was sorting through some packages at work when something fell out of a box. He realized it was a dildo and all the guys by the conveyor belt threw it at each other before taping it back into the box.

Reading your magazines..... Don't mind if I do. Ha ha one time I had a lady come out to me and ask me to please stop delivering porn to her house. Her husband had told her he didn't sign up for the subscription. I told her to call in and ask what credit card they had on file for their account.

I found 3 certified letters in a old bag I used when I delivered mail that I forgot to deliver, found them 4 years later....