I'm trying to convince my husband to have a baby

I'm expecting and trying to talk my employer into letting me work from home.

Im negotiating with my brother about my fathers will. Ha ha he didnt like that i got more of the land plus the house

Trying to negotiate rehab for my husband, who is an alcoholic

Trying to negotiate with my professor for a higher grade, I have been stinking it up this semester!

I'm trying to get my little boy of a husband to own his responsibility and come home to be a father and real husband.

My 9 yr old tries to negotiate everything, down to how much toothpaste he puts on his toothbrush. He doesn't get away it, but It's exhausting lol.

I'm trying to negotiate where I'm going to work cause I'm graduating cosmetology

My husband wants to have a kid right now, I want at least another year!

My boyfriend of a year doesn't want to live together because he values his alone time. We are negotiating ways to live together but still allow him alone days.

Divorced.. and trying to get my ex to pay me his half of a loan I got to pay debt...I left everything and he owes me money. And he refuses... :-(

Negotiating with a publisher for a book deal

I'm newly engaged but want my fiance to sign a prenup. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to ever divorce once married but you can't control what the other does, as I found out in my previous marriage. He keeps asking me when we're getting married and I'm terrified to bring it up.

I'm negotiating the city to keep my three dogs