I'm a Spa Director, and I get all my spa services for free! Hair, nails, waxing, lash extensions ect. Awesome perk!

100% healthcare coverage costs paid by company. - Qualtrics LLC

My company took us to Hawaii for a week with our spouses and then also took us to Monterey CA where we got to golf Pebble Beach!!!

 Vivint provides free food from their own private cafe for lunch and dinner. Also they have their own clinic that's free with their health insurance

 I get unlimited PTO. Work hard play hard!

We have a physician on site at CompHealth (physician staffing). Free for us and our family!

My employer reimburses my tuition 100% as long as I pass my classes with a B or higher.

free drinks coffee soda juice, espresso bar, full service lunch room/restaurant. Snacks once a week, sabbatical (1 month paid every five years of s on sore gym with free fitness classes, personal trainer, On site massage, On site ergonomics support.

I have a fuel card. It's amazing.

My company always makes sure we have the latest iPhones and they pay our phone bills every month. Also pay our insurance premiums too!

free food.. they go to costco every 3rd monday and buy breakfast and lunch stuff as well as snacks

free stays at 5 star resorts. Example - check out 4 seasons bora bora. Over the water bungalow. :)

I fly for free any where my Airline flies. . Same with my spouse, kids, and parents. .. :) lots of weekend trips to Hawaii. .

my employer free labs covered and bio-identical hormones

Company perks. Full size gym, snacks like nobody's business, frisbee golf course on site, basketball court, soccer, and lots of BBQs!!!

 I work for the Larry miller group and it's the best! Free jazz, bees and movie tickets! Discounts on cars and services.

my husband works for Starbucks and you also get one free pound of coffee every week

work for the cable industry... Highest cable package and internet free. Pay for equipment at 25% off

 At Zion's we get tuition reimbursement and tons of discounts on all kinds of different things like Disneyland tickets concert tickets, etc.

quarterly seated massages. 100 visa gift card each work anniversary and monthly company sponsored luncheons

We get free admission to all So Cal attractions and hotel rooms.
I get 400 car allowance a month plus all has paid for and cell phone paid

we get free skiing tickets

Free dental and orthodontics for my family and I. Half off for extended.