I'm 5 yrs graduated, my advice is: if you go to college straight out of high school, do it because you truly WANT to, not because you are pressured


go to college!! Don't take time off. Dive in. You'll regret not going.


Spend your time with people that uplift you. Keep your credit clean!


manage your money well and build your savings a little bit at a time.


Question everything and learn the truth of everything for yourself.


my advice, it's not all about you


don't settle. In any facet of your life.


don't room with best friends when you move out, if you go to school be smart with student loans if you need to take them out!


go to community college first and get your general credits done for cheap


Don't stop exercising!!!! One day your metabolism will shut off! Lol! And then losing weight is so much harder! Get in the habit of exercising while you are young


love can wait. Experience life & get an education. Don't give up your dreams for someone.


my advise would be to learn to let go when you fail at something. Failing doesn't make you a failure. It makes you learn and grow.


No matter what you achieve in life, always remember that you are never too good to get someone coffee.


"The tides will turn." Don't stress the little things that end up not going your way. Life goes on.


Advice for grads, be happy with the here and now. Enjoy the stage of life you are in. Don't rush into marriage, children, mortgages, etc.


"your life will be what you make of it"


Don't do things halfway. Put your all into everyting worth doing.


Research the job market before picking a major. Don't get a useless piece of paper that cost thousands.


Go at your own speed. We live in a place where marriage and family is shoved down your throat. Take your time to be selfish and young, you can only do it once.


No one ever finishes paying their dues.


Follow your heart. College isn't the only option.


Popularity doesn't matter in the real world.... No one is going to care if you were a cheerleader or a nerd.

don't place your self worth in what others think of you


be more of a why not guy, then a why guy.


Don't underestimate your potential or your abilities. If you want something, strive for it. Don't listen to people that say you can't. Or that voice


This is a quote that I've always lived by. I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am NOT


There's always a positive. Focus on it in every situation


Move out of mom and dads! Live with roommates! It will be good for you to learn to get along with others you live with!


don't go cryin to your momma cause you're on your own in the real world


credit card is not free money!!


Always learn. Never stop being curious.


integrity, learn what the word means and live by it. Most importantly live by it even when you find yourself in a difficult situation.


Don't let high school be the best years of your life


take a resume writing and beginners accounting class. It'll teach you some serious skills for life


you are your greatest work so put your best effort for yourself


Stop rushing life. Take it one step at a time. U don't have to hurry into work and marriage


I am 35 yrs old and just return to college. My advice would be finish college, don't stop! Once you do, its hard to find the time to go back.