I got my boobs done two months ago today and dealing with the same issues terrified of what everyone will think I don't want to take Facebook pictures


Wait to get the new boobs until you're done having kids.


if it's truly for her, and nothing else, who cares what anyone else thinks?


 Its her body, her money, her choice. If both of them are on board, nobody else's opinion matters. Tell her to hold her head high.


 I got a boob job 2 years ago and didn't tell my in laws, and I lived with them at the time. They still don't know.


my mother in law had a boob job. Some of the kids disapproved but I told her she looked amazing! She's super hot!


 A couple years ago I wanted a tummy tuck. My mother and sister were very vocal that I was vain and selfish to take the risk of having major surgery


 I got my boobs done. I was scared to tell my family, bc my sister is so judgy. But it turns out she loved them and got hers done too