Boyfriend took over 1 year to tell me he loves me

I was with a guy for a year and a half and he always wanted me to say I loved him but he wouldn't tell me. I lived with him and everything. After we broke up and got back together he finally said it, but he used it as a control tactic. We aren't together now.

Its been three years. We have talked about it. I hate when people say it after a month of dating!

I was married for 11 years and my ex would only tell me he loved when he bought something or was going to buy something...which was fine cause I never loved him

My wife took 6 mos to say I Love you to me. She has no idea that had she waited one more day to say it, we would never have gotten married.

Been with my guy 3 years and refuses to say I love you, and I tell him when I can I love him!!!!! #superfrustrated

I know someone who's been with her man for 6 years, they got MARRIED this year, and he's never said I love you.

My boyfriend and I have been together a year and two months. Neither of us have said the nasty "L" word.

It took my now husband two years to say I love you. It took a another year for him to propose.

The first year my man and I were together he would say I love you so I would just come back with thank you

Dated my now husband for 2 years and he never said I love you, gave him an ultimatum he couldn't decide so I left 3 months later he realize what he lost and finally said he loved me, proposed and now we been married 6 years

Was with him for 6 years and I said I loved him but he never said it back. He passed away last year. After I heard how he would tell people he loves them so easily and his boys said he would never tell them he loved them so I believe it's hard to say it to the people that means the most to him.

Dated a girl for a year. Even took her to visit my parents. She would never say I love you. Found out later she had a boyfriend in Iraq and was cheating on him with me.

I have a hard saying it to the ones I love and can easily say it nonchalantly to someone I don't really love

We have been married for 20 years...My husband has never told me he loves me. :(
It took my husband 7 years of dating before he said I love you. To him saying it was almost a commitment to more than dating. We've been happily together