My grandma told the waitress when she brought our food. You are fat! I about choked

My grandma told my boyfriend she loves chocolate and eats it everyday because it's a great laxative...

I'm a CNA and i work in an assisted living facility. My days are filled with inappropriate statements. I get told to go F myself on a regular basis.

My grandpa always says stiff everywhere but where I ought to be.

My grandma always asks if people are going to have a kid soon. Then when they say no she always says oh so your just practicing.

An old lady, she's probably in her 80's, told a 20 year old girl in the middle of relief society that she looked like a slut. Awkward!

At a parade my 82 yr old grandpa yelled "save a horse ride a cowboy" lol.. I don't think he gets it ;)

My grandma went to dinner with my brother and his wife and she asked them if they had kids yet. When they said not yet she said ohhhh do you need me to tell you how it's done?? Right in the middle of the restaurant.

My Grandpa always tells my Grandma."Millie lets go, before it's darker than Toby's ass." Then he always smiles and looks around with a grin.

My sister took my 87 year old grandpa to the bank once and he said he didn't want the "N" word helping him and yes he said it loud enough for everyone to hear!

My Grandma told me and my girlfriend from Honduras,"Don't ya know your supposed to marry within your same race." Such an awkward moment!

We were at nordstrom and an African American employee was helping us. My grandma got along super well with the employee and really appreciated her help. As we were paying for our items my grandma says to the sales person, " you are the cutest and sweetest little chocolate drop I have ever met."

My grandma. 86. At dinner whenever we sit by a fat person she loudly says, that poor thing. How do they even walk?

My grandpa told me my gma' s Christmas cookies make you horny. He said they work for him and asked if I wanted to give one to my husband!

My grandma told the waitress I'm glad your people can find a job. The waitress was Hispanic
My grandma told my boyfriend "did you know those Spanish people come across the fences and bring marijuana"?

I work as a nurse. Every time I go get this one patient's blood sugar, which is about four times at day, she calls me a g.d. dirty rotten son of a bitch.

My grandma asks me why I'm so white!!!

At family dinner at a nice restaurant, Grandpa asks waiter loudly if he was an illegal alien

When ever my papa sees a mexican he yell get a job!!

Outside on our way to dinner with grandpa and he yells, it's colder than the ring around a polar bears butthole

I was 10 and she was out in the snow and got in and said "its colder than whitches t*ts"

My nephew is half Tongan and my grandma used to call him her little south sea Islander

My Great-Grandma in public openly discusses her rasicst views on black people.

My great grandma is 95 and told my ex boyfriend "you can always tell a boy by his behind' and spanked his bum!

My grandma has neighbors on each side of her who look like they're probably cholos. She was outside and there was a group of these rough-looking people, also outside, listening to some jams pretty loudly. She walked right over to them and yelled at them to turn their music down, while yelling all kinds of profanities at them.