I came home while someone was robbing my house, they saw me and broke 3 ribs and gave me a concussion.

My nana was mugged and robbed going into her house; broken pelvis before she could fight back. :-(.

My mom was in Paris and a 14 year old boy acted like he had a gun, but really was his finger and wanted her bag. My mom was smart and knew it was fake grabbed his ear and dragged him to the police station

Hey guys, it's Joe. I had a karate instructor who got held up by two guys one time as he was leaving the school for the night. He looked at them and said are you serious? You never told us what happened, but he was a class the next day with no visible marks

I was working at a small shop when it got robbed. The thief came in grabbed my neck and pushed me into a chair. They never caught him. This was almost 5 years ago and I can still feel his hand around my neck.

I'm 17. Walking to my car after a party a man followed me and tried to take me. Little did he know I've done competitive MMA for 3 years. He got a broken nose, ruptured ear drum, and a few broken ribs. Messed with the wrong girl buddy.

Was walking in Salt Lake with my girlfriends purse in my hand after a night at the club 2 Mexicans stabbed me 9 times but never took the purse I was fine my adrenaline was pumping so they ran away

My brother served his mission in Russia. He and his companion were jumped by a gang on teenagers they dislocated his comps shoulder and gave both of them a black eye. My brother caught back and broke one of the guys ribs

My sister lives in a small town in Ireland and she went to Dublin for a lacrosse team meeting and she was coming out the building probably like 10 or 11 o'clock tonight and she was robbed at knife point they took everything off of her and later she found her wallet just laying there all The cash was gone but the credit cards were still there and her driver license is still there and everything.

Came home to someone robbing my house he had a gun shot at me 3 times thank god the person who sold him his gun gave him blank bullets I went after him and beat him down pretty good oh by the way im 6' 290 pound ex college football player and it happen in college in mesa az

My husband was leaving late from the fair. He was walking back to his car. He walked down a path that had a fence on each side. A gang of boys went in front and behind him. They hit him in the back of the head with a baseball bat. They stole his walmart watch and $20 in ones that were wrapped around a stack of business cards. They ran, he stumbled to his car and drove to safety. My husband had two brain surgeries prior to this. Luckily he only ended up with a concussion.

the past I've gotten screwed, but in the past year I've taken charge of me and my needs first..