Saw a 10-12 yr old harassing and berating a little 2 yr old at a city saw dust scramble with adults all around not doing anything. I put a stop to it quick


I work at an office where people come in and get assistance with their taxes. We had a family in there where the kid wandered around spitting on the floors


im in a wheelchair cuz I have MS, kids calling me retard at the store. Parents right there. Did nothing


I was at a restaurant and a kid that was around 10 running around smacking people in the back of the head. Parents did nothing


my 8 year old cousin was talking about puberty at our grandmas funeral in front of younger cousins and his mom did nothing.


This punk kid rammed a car into my ankles so hard my ankles started bleeding. Her mom actually laughed a little bit.


My sisters boys beat a plastic playhouse with metal bats while my 2 yr old was inside until it collapsed her.


Also had a child in my office scream at her mother (she is 4) "your a BITCH!!!


a kid was getting on the stage during the performance and the kid 's parents did nothing about it.


my frenemy's son gropes mannequins and maniacally laughs loud


this little Asian kid was pretending he was Jackie Chan and was trying to do Kung fu on my little 8 year old brother slapping and kicking him


I worked at Target and this 10 to 12 year old boy wanted his mom to buy him a chocolate bar and she said no and he head butted her in the shoulder


I watched a little boy about 5 taking bites out of the fruit and put it back, & mama did nothing


saw my husbands cousins son spit in my father in laws face


Saw three kids messing with an injured baby bird at the Gateway. Parents just watched. Had to say something.


This little girl threw rocks at our car as we drove by and her mom just sat on the front steps and watched her and didnt say anything.


we were in line at the grocery store and a little kid behind us saw a black lady. We heard the kid say look mom that's a, "N" he really said it


I was in a business where a 5 year old pulled a canvas painting OFF a wall. The mom had 3 others running around her in circles and did nothing


My 6yr old nephew will bite his sister and his mom won't do a thing. He came up and bit my hand. Sister wasn't in the room. So I bit him back. Sucker

I work retail. Some people seem to lose all responsibility for their kids when they walk into a store. I'm not the babysitter!


I do allergy testing and I had an 8 yr old tell me that he was gonna cut my eyes out and kill me. He kicked me 3 times and punched me in the leg


we were at fast food place and this little boy, probably 6/7, was spitting all over the play place and shouting the "F" word at the top if his lungs


At Costco a kid yelled at a lady giving samples of chips & salsa. He only wanted chips and she kept filling the cups for everyone else