my sister slept with her best friend and didn't want anyone to know but when I called her that day her phone answered my call and put me on speaker

I thought i could go to the bathroom while on the phone in a meeting. Someone said......."uuhhh you may want to push mute" very embarrassing!

I didn't realize I was on speaker during a college online class. A lady was talking for about 10 min about her life struggles nothing to do with the class.

This weekend at a store they were over the loudspeaker talking through their walkie-talkies and not saying the nicest of things

I was having a phone interview with an applicant. She was utmost professional I suddenly hear a clatter and a loud "AWE F!"

my buddy was announcing a game and forgot the mic was still on when he started talking about someone that was in the crowd.
Called Grandma on speaker. After the call dropped the 3rd time, I said F---. Poor Gma was still there

my brother who is LDS always has to tell me I'm on speaker in his car cause I use a lot of choice words and he doesn't want his children to hear. And yes I do forget just about every time.

My friend was driving & she got a call from her man. He was talking all about "last night".. I could hear and so could her two kids.

 I had a call at work I thought had hung up one day but didn't I heard them say "honey I've been a bad boy"

about two months ago, a woman had a very Private and heated discussion about her nasty divorce - but it was over the entire hospital PA service