my past relationship I was more into him and didn't know it until I asked and he said we will never be a couple it was just sex


I dated this guy for one month and when I said I didn't want to date anymore he told me he had already scheduled the salt lake temple.... Creepy.


I have been a few relationships where I have been the one who was more into them and they just thought we were friends


I dated someone for 3 months a year and a half ago, wasn't too serious on my end. He was ready to get married. He is still trying all the time to get back together


I once dated a guy non exclusively, never told him I loved him, and I found out later that he had bought a ring and was going to propose!


My best friend broke up with her boyfriend cause she felt smothered. He liked her wayyy more than she liked him.


Uh yeah.I always felt like my X was not that into me. I was right, he's now dating my best friend and he flirts with my sister! Jerk!


I am going through this right now! He is sooo into me and I was into him until a week ago.. Eek.