I missed job interview cause you guys were talking about something hilarious

I have been late to my doctor appointments and blood work for chemo

i've missed my morning exit multiple times because I'm listening to you guys I love it

been late to work because ironically I wanted to hear the txt topics.

I'm constantly late to work because I can't stop listening to you guys.

I was purposely late to my own meeting that I called with my manager and his boss and momentarily forgot what the meeting with about

I've missed some morning meetings listening to your show. And all the shows were the ones Jess and DB going at each other. Too funny not to miss

i am late to work EVERY DAY listening to u guys. Pull into parking lot at 730...make it to desk around 750 or later
I clean cars and sometimes if you are being really funny i will take super long to finish or i will just sit in the car until you are finished I have sat for 20min

All.the.time! I've gotten late to work, I've dropped my daughter off at school late cuz I don't wanna miss the sleaze

I was late for school listening to the creepy things kids say. Then I had to podcast the rest of the shown to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I'm going into work late today just so I can listen to this topic

Every morning I don't leave my car until you guys go on break so I can run to my office and turn on iheart radio. I'm late every morning

I think I might get fired soon for being late so many times

I used to be 10 min late to work every morning to listen to the early edition of Hollywood sleaze!! And I was the manager opening the store

Missed a TON of exits because of you guys.

I told my boss that I got in a fender bender because I was late when I was listening to one of the the paranormal topics lol I love you guys

I've missed SLEEP!! I work graveyard and I've given up sleep to listen to your topics

Guilty. Guilt. Guilty. Late to work. Almost missed a doctor's appointment, and almost late this morning.

The morning I got married I was late for my ceremony because I was listening to Hollywood sleaze about Beyoncés fake baby bump