I have a cousin in Mexico that was kidnapped by the cartel he was he was kept for several months our family couldn't raise enough money to pay for him. They sent my cousins decapitated body to my aunts house.-- it was very hard for our family. My cousin was only 17 and wanted to be an airline pilot. This happened last summer.


Happens in Mexico on a daily basis. My grandpa and cousin were kidnapped and held for ransom. We paid the 5k for my grandpa. My cousin was taken to


My friend from college had kidnapping insurance because her cousin was kidnapped for two weeks. they got her back but she wouldn't tell me why her family was targeted.


Husband was held for ransom in AZ. He was forced to sit naked in a room with other men so they wouldn't attempt to escape. We paid, they let him go.


Kidnap; 1989 in Thailand, it suddenly became scary when I was told I wasn't going anywhere. Locked in a room, inland somewhere where It seemed like only me


i was kidnapped and held for ransom for $1500 for drug money. luckly got back.


A friend kidnapped and held 4 people hostage for 3 days over a (drug) debt. He's now in prison for 30 years


my friend got kidnapped and taken over the Mexican border. They cut her hair and when the driver went to make a phone call she ran and got help.


My father and law and his brothers were kidnapped paid $50,000 for them. then 1 yr later my sister in law was kidnapped in Zacatecas Mexico


My mom was kidnapped on her mission in Hong Kong. She knocked on the door of a house that was being robbed by the mafia so they took her and her partner